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What should I know about my Network.

You don't have to be an I.T. professional to be aware of your network and what it may need to keep it running.  Many times individuals are charged with hiring or contracting I.T. services but have little or no knowledge of the network itself.  This is not large concern for most M.S.P.s but it will go a long way in helping determine how to best service you as a client.  Basic information about your network such as the number of PC's, laptops, printers and other such devices along with the number of Servers and network devices like switches in the network will show your knowledge of your network and commitment to getting the best service possible.  Also knowing what Operating Systems are running on the network can give the M.S.P. an indication of possible maintenence and update opportunities.  Read more about what you should know in the link below.

What to look for in a good M.S.P.

We find that most of our clients understand the value of having a professional I.T. company but often don't know what to look for when deciding who to choose.  They also are unaware of the right questions to ask to ensure they receive the service they deserve.  In this two part document we help tackle some of the tough questions every company should know. 

Why "Doug"in Accounting shouldn't be your go to I.T. guy.

Often companies rely on staff members who are not qualified to perform maintenance and complex problem resolutions to computer related concerns.  While "Doug" may have some basic skills in troubleshooting minor issues, his overall ability is limited to resolving issues and his accountability to the company is as an Accountant not I.T. We put together a list of facts that help our clients understand the importance of a professional I.T. company.


Who Needs a M.S.P.?

Simply put...EVERYONE.

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