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What is a Managed Service Provider?

A M.S.P. is a Information Technology service company that is responsible for the maintenance of computers and network equipment of it's clients.  Services may include project management and are subject to the terms of the agreement by the parties involved. 

What is Remote Monitoring and Management?

R.M.M. is a service provided by an M.S.P. which monitors and manages networked computer equipment through a software based application that gathers information regarding the health of software and hardware running on the client network.  R.M.M.s often have built in automation of  software updates, virus removal and known issue resolutions.

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Why Do I need a M.S.P.?

Everyone has a job to do and no one wants extra work on their plate, especially when it’s out of their scope of expertise.  Employees generally have some computer skills and can solve some IT related issues while on the job, but some issues require an expert and more time than the employee may have to give.  A M.S.P. provides the level of service and accountability that every company deserves concerning Information Technology.  Read more about why you should be using a M.S.P. to maintain and optimize your computer network in our                                                             .

How do I chose the right M.S.P. for my company?

Choosing the right M.S.P. for your company is vital.  As with a industries, Information Technology is full of competition and knowing how to wade through the large pool of providers is the most important part of a successful relationship.  The first thing you should know is what your needs are.  Take time to gain a clear understanding of the any potential providers services and if they fit your company.  If you have trouble determining the needs of your company ask for a network evaluation, most good M.S.P.s will be glad to offer a free consultation.  Most important, ask the right questions.  Not knowing what questions to ask a can leave you open to sub-par service and bad relationship with your provider.  We discuss some of the questions to ask in our                                                                     .

Frequently Asked Questions

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