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As a local business in Chicago we guarantee a field technician at your doorstep within an hour of your call. EKG Network Solutions works hard to gain the trust of our clients.  We believe building excellent relationships with our clients is the first step in being able to effectively service your needs.  To help us build relationships with our clients we encourage communication in which we ask, listen and respond to client concerns.  E.K.G. Network Solutions takes the time to understand what our clients concerns are, listen to what ideas they have and  tailor our service to adapt to each client and provide them with personalized solutions. Any business has budget concerns and for small business those concerns can be a major bottleneck.  We help you control the cost of maintaining your network by providing solutions at a predictable flat rate. This helps you level the playing field by giving you access to technology and services that larger corporations receive.  We design proactive problem resolutions in addition to best practice network design to stabilize and maintain your computer network.  Our proven System  helps you maintain compliance and security protocols to identify and mitigate risks to the health of your network. Working with E.K.G. Network Solutions gives our clients access to a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Our trained and certified staff are a great resource to tap into for common and complex problem resolutions. Our field technicians are trained to resolve issues quickly and efficiently to get you up and running in no time.  E.K.G. Network Solutions doesn’t stop at being trusted and reliable, we want our clients to expect the best and to us that means we not only provide solutions to our clients but we teach them how to get the most out of there technology.  We offer resources to enhance user knowledge and provide tools to enable users the ability to be self-reliant.  If a user has a quick question or wants to learn how to perform certain task, they have access to our communicator tool which can be set up to run maintenance tasks at the click of a button.  Our friendly help desk staff and Desktop support team are always available to answer questions and  concerns. We value are clients and depend on our ability to find effective and affordable solutions to technology concerns.

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